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    The Courier is published Monday to Saturday. The Courier has a profile in the Ballarat market that is second to none. It is the dominant medium that sets the news agenda and enjoys extremely high readership – a significantly higher penetration than metropolitan newspapers and any other media.

    Ballarat has a strong industrial presence due to large organisations such as Bendix Mintex, McCains, Sunicrust and Mars. The State Data Centre and the Technology Centre contribute to a growing emphasis on advancing technology. Commercial change and development in shopping centres is leading extensive growth in the region. Victoria’s State Revenue Office is now based in Ballarat as is the regional headquarters of Ambulance Victoria.

    The rural community plays an important role in the Ballarat region. The rich soil supports potato growing and pasture grasses. Sheep, cattle and specialty farming such as deer are becoming more dominant.

    Ballarat has established quality education institutions and a growing tertiary education sector. Ballarat Clarendon College, Ballarat Grammar, St Patrick’s College and Ballarat High School provide wide support to students from outlying area. The long established School of Mines (now part of Ballarat University) provides a variety of subject choices and works closely with all of Ballarat’s education institutions. The University of Ballarat is a thriving institution with excellent curriculum, services and a growing attendance of local and international students. The Australian Catholic University, Aquinas Campus, provides excellent specialist education in both nursing and teaching.